Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters Rap Battle

OK I am not the biggest fan of rap music and R’n’B (that’s my wife’s thing whereas I am more of Johnny Cash kind of guy) but a few years ago I stumbled across these guys. Epic Rap Battles of History pit figures from history, movies and literature against one another in a rap battle but rather than just have them swear at each other, which is how I perceive rap battles to be like, they have to use as many references from the theme of the characters as possible. A lot of work goes in to these short videos and the wordplay is brilliant. In the latest video we see the Ghostbusters (in case you haven’t guessed I am something of a fan) against the Mythbusters from the Discovery Channel. To help produce this one they have help from the Key of Awesome crew who are the masters of music parody on YouTube. This was just superb and if you haven’t heard of these guys I suggest you check them out.


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