Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.06 “Dance the Night Away”

Animal Spirits Unleashed

Power Ranger Jungle Fury  Dance the night away

Theo struggles with the fact that his duo with Lily has now become a trio. Camille uses Toady’s love for Stingerella to get them to work together in order to defeat the rangers. Because of the tension between Casey and Theo, the rangers can’t operate the new Claw Canon. Lily confronts them telling Casey that he is needed on the team, and to Theo, that he will always be her best friend.

The Five Fingers of Poison arc continues only this time we get two of them at the same time. Toady, who looks like a yellow poisonous version of Toad from Super Mario Bros, has fallen in love with his fellow Finger member Stingerella who has a penchant for dancing and while it is her turn to take on the Power Rangers Toady feels compelled to jump in and help. Its goofy in the extreme but I couldn’t help…

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