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ARTICLE: Establishing canon between BSG Blood & Chrome and BSG Razor

ImageBlood & Chrome did much to restore the greatness of the revamped Battlestar Galactica. After the failure of Caprica (I personally enjoyed that show but few others agree) and the rather poultry TV movie “The Plan” the franchise was looking weakened. Blood & Chrome gave us what we always wanted to see; a true Cylon War story. It had plenty of action, great drama and unlike some prequels of other franchises it actually did much to expand the mythos of this universe.

It did however present a problem.

We had already seen in the webisodes of BSG Razor, William Adama during the First Cylon War and rather than being the experienced war hero we all assumed we actually discover that the last battle of the war was his first taste of combat. Blood & Chrome has now dispelled this so if we want to establish an explanation for this within the timeline we have to examine certain dialogue and events and interpret them to this aim.

Firstly, the Adama in Blood & Chrome appears younger than in the webisodes. This lends weight to the fact that these two events are separated by time. The key problem to address however is dialogue in the webisodes that keep referring to Adama as a ‘rook’ when we know he is anything but. Here is my theory; at the end of Blood & Chrome Adama joins a special squadron aboard Galactica. What if that squadron was like the SAS or Delta Force and that the names of its members are classified? Adama could have flown with this unit for a short while on special ops until it was either disbanded or he was forced out for an as yet unestablished reason and then when he returned to duty as a regular pilot (in the webisodes) he had to keep his past operations a secret therefore everyone thinks he is a new ‘rook’.

It’s not a perfect explanation by any means. In Blood & Chrome he interacted with several crewmembers aboard Galactica and when he returned pretending to be a ‘rook’ one of them would probably remember him from the earlier events. It does however give us a link between these two events that we can work off.

Disagree or have a different view? Please comment and let us know.

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