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GAMES: World of Tanks X-Box 360 Battle

By Stationmaster84 (Gamertag)

WoT 360

Depending on your own mood WoT can be either the most fun you have ever had or the most frustrating game in the world. I like to think of myself as a bit of a military buff and so this game appealed to me from the start. I therefore committed myself to the hour long download process (the game had been available for a while so I also had to contend with updates as well as the game). Straight away I learned how quick you can get killed in this game. I know its going for realism but it seems a little unfair how you start off with some truly terrible tanks and the longer you play (or survive) the better tanks you get and therefore the easier the game becomes. This is the reverse order of how I am used to gaming with games increasing in difficulty over time.

As I said it really depends on the mood you are in when playing this game whether or not you enjoy it. If you are in a good mood then this is a lot of fun. Even getting the steel crap blown out of you can be hugely entertaining. However this is not a game to de-stress after a lousy day at the office (unless you have some of the higher tier tanks). This has been my experience anyway. I don’t wish to sound overly negative because I am really enjoying this game but it has a steep learning curve. Don’t expect to just jump into a tank and blow everything away on your first go because that is just not going to happen.

Once you are settled in you can start to have a lot of fun with this. To exemplify this up-and-down experience I am going to tell you about a battle I had recently. I was commanding an M5 Stuart fitted with a 3.7cm howitzer (that will ruin someone’s day if used properly). I was playing a map called El Halluf and was taking cover on a hilltop over looking the valley with the enemy force’s base on the opposite hill. It was me and two other vehicles, a Panzer III and an M3 Stuart, and as we came around the top we found three enemy vehicles coming up the other side with the same idea as us.

In the span of a few seconds both my buddies were taken out, their charred wreckage becoming a useful roadblock however. I found myself facing an M4 Sherman coming up the side of the hill with his weak underside exposed so I aimed for it and put a shell into him taking 75% of his health. As he came to bear he threw a shell my way but missed during which time I reloaded and turned his turret to tin foil. At that moment a Tank Destroyer appeared behind his flaming wreck. I fired at him but missed although this discouraged him and I saw him retreating away. I felt great that I had killed one enemy without support and scared another (even if I had used my buddies as cannon fodder and a road block).

I stayed in this area taking position near a clearing for shoot-and-hide tactics against enemy vehicles advancing from their base on the opposite hill which more of my allies were now attacking. I had clearly made myself a target for an artillery gunner because every few minutes a high explosive shell would land nearby shaking me like hell. From this position I supported my team’s advance on the enemy base; by damaging or discouraging them from breaking cover. Then I started taking direct fire from the opposite hill so I felt it best to relocate.

I drove back towards where I had the earlier battle. I came around the corner and BANG! That fecking Tank Destroyer I thought had retreated had actually just taken cover and was waiting for me. The patient git had been there for about five minutes (an eternity in this game). Whether he was just waiting for me or whether he was sniping my allies like I was doing against his I don’t know. All I know is he won the day but by that point I’d had so much fun that I simply saluted a fellow gamer. That being said I was devastated that I couldn’t carry on in the battle. I had earned a hell of a lot of points and loved scoring every one of them.