Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.09 “Good Karma, Bad Karma”

Animal Spirits Unleashed

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Good Karma Bad Karma

Casey meets a young boy named Josh who wants to buy a red kite and after he loses his quarter at Jungle Karma Pizza proceeds to steal a tip in order to go back and buy the kite. Casey chases after him and tries to teach him that to do the right thing is not always the easiest thing and that the Power Rangers, who the boy idolises, don’t like thieves. Meanwhile Dai Shi summons the Sky Overlord Carnisoar to become his new master and help him become powerful enough to defeat the Power Rangers. In order to do this the Sky Overlord helps him purge all remaining good from Jarrod who remains part of Dai Shi by making him look back on Jarrod’s life and undoing all the good he did to make him purely evil. At the same time Camille unleashes the slimy Slickagon against the Power Rangers.

How many…

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.08 “Way of the Master”

Animal Spirits Unleashed

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Way of the Master

Camille sends out Pangolin to prepare the world for the Sky Overlord. The rangers must seek out the Jungle Mace in order to defeat Pangolin. Unfortunately Master Phant has left Pai Zhuq and no longer wants to help. Lily still has faith that the old master is still inside of the hermit. Touched by her hope, the master teachers her his techniques of the elephant.

Well we had such a decent run of very good episodes that it was inevitable we were to get a lousy one before long. The episode starts off promising enough with the Power Rangers already locked in battle with the Pangolin and I think that’s part of this episode’s problem; after that the whole episode just comes to a slow crawl that doesn’t pick up to the end making it feel longer than the 22 minute run time of the episode.

This episode introduces the…

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.06 “Dance the Night Away”

Animal Spirits Unleashed

Power Ranger Jungle Fury  Dance the night away

Theo struggles with the fact that his duo with Lily has now become a trio. Camille uses Toady’s love for Stingerella to get them to work together in order to defeat the rangers. Because of the tension between Casey and Theo, the rangers can’t operate the new Claw Canon. Lily confronts them telling Casey that he is needed on the team, and to Theo, that he will always be her best friend.

The Five Fingers of Poison arc continues only this time we get two of them at the same time. Toady, who looks like a yellow poisonous version of Toad from Super Mario Bros, has fallen in love with his fellow Finger member Stingerella who has a penchant for dancing and while it is her turn to take on the Power Rangers Toady feels compelled to jump in and help. Its goofy in the extreme but I couldn’t help…

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MMPR S.01 E.05 “Different Drum”

Animal Spirits Unleashed

Power Rangers Different Drum

Kimberly’s deaf friend feels out of place in dance class because she has trouble following the movements since she can’t hear the instructions or the music to follow along. Some of the girls in the dance class decide to hang out with her and are hypnotized by the haunting music that Rita’s monster uses to lure them away. Kimberly’s deaf friend is the only one unaffected and therefore is the only one that can help the girls.

OK so this is the disabled/ill-people-are-the-same-as-us episode and there was a lot of that sort of thing back in the early 1990s in children’s TV with the most notorious example being Captain Planet and the Planeteers episode discussing HIV. Now I am not disrespecting that, I think its a good thing, but where these efforts fell flat is that they actually overly emphasized the disability or illness that was in focus. Instead of…

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.0 “Can’t Win Them All”

Animal Spirits Unleashed

Power Rangers Can't win them all

Theo has been the best and fastest learner at everything. His confidence is smashed when he is made a fool in a battle against Gakko. Theo gives up and doesn’t see the point in anything. Casey and Lily try to protect the city from the mischievous Gakko as RJ trains Theo. The battle worsens for Casey and Lily. In order to save his friends, Theo must regain his confidence.

This episode is effectively a character study of Theo and straight away we learn that he pretty much excels at everything he does be it making and serving pizza or in combat. The opening has him toying with Lily and Casey before he quite easily takes them both down proving that while Casey is the Red Ranger in this series it is Theo that is the better combatant. We didn’t really need to see this again as Sigh of the Tiger

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