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Defence of the Realm


Hello everyone

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my own personal blog. It’s called Tony’s Domain and I have described it as

A collection of fiction, art & musings by Tony Wilkins

As long time followers of Defence of the Realm will know I try to be as objective as I can about everything I write about as I believe there is little place for opinion in history because opinion has a way of clouding things over. This new blog however is just unadulterated Me and will basically be me writing exactly how I feel about things from the economy, defence and society right down to why my wife finds TheJeremy Kyle Show so fascinating when I view it as a cultural oddity.

But wait there’s more…

I have always been a creative person and enjoy writing stories and making digital art primarily regarding…

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The Mega Drive / Genesis

Sega Does


A winner is you.*


Hmm. Perhaps I will rise from my grave.*

RELEASED:10/29/88 (JP), 09/14/90 (UK), 12/1990 (BR);  as the Genesis – 08/14/89 (US)

PRICE:21,000 yen (JP), $200 (US), 189.99 pounds (UK), Unknown (BR)

TECH SPECS:Motorola 68000 running at 7.67 Mhz, 64KB of RAM, 64KB of VRAM

Video processor: Yamaha YM7101 capable of 512 direct colors, 64 standard colors, and 4 graphic layers

Sound processor: Zilog Z80 with a Yamaha YM2612 FM sound chip capable of 6 channel sound, and a Sega PSG sound chip

# OF GAMES:Over 900, according to Wikipedia.

UPDATES:Official – Mega Drive / Genesis 2 (1993), Mega Jet (1994), Nomad (1995); Licensed by Majesco – Genesis 3 (1998)

UNITS SOLD:40 million est. worldwide

Sega’s Mark III/Master System was considerably more successful than their first console, the SG-1000, but this success still paled in…

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