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It Isn’t Cheating if…You are In A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Franchise

Remember that scene in Road Trip when they are coming up with excuses for why it isn’t cheating such as being in a different area code. Well we at the Order of Trinity office decided to put together a list of similar excuses but with a sci-fi or fantasy twist.


It’s not cheating if…

Hey...Wanna go to the special Hell?
Hey…Wanna go to the special Hell?

…She is another member of your wife’s Cylon model. They’re all the same.
(Battlestar Galactica)

…She is the Gatekeeper and you are the Keymaster. You’re just fulfilling a prophecy.

…You accept the fact you are going to the special hell.

…It isn’t cheating if your wife has been replaced by a changeling. She looks like your wife.
(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

…You kiss your mother in 1955.
(Back to the Future)

If you are an android who is fully functional, programmed in multiple techniques. It’s just an experiment.
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)


The hot girl who is trying to get on top of you is a Decepticon. She was programmed to break your defences.
(Transformers 2)

…Its the lady in the red dress. She’s not real.
(The Matrix)

…You meet her in the room of requirement. You really needed that one.
(Harry Potter)

…It isn’t cheating if she’s a doll

…If you find out after she was your sister. It’s just going to be awkward at Dad’s cremation.
(Star Wars)

… If it’s a Number 6 in your head that only you can see!
(Battlestar Galactica) 

Just going through some exercises.

…You have just regenerated. You were a different person back then.
(Dr Who)

…You’re Clark Kent and can suddenly wipe memories with a kiss.
(Superman 2)

…If you’re under the Imperious Curse. There has to be a wand involved however. Fluttering eyelids doesn’t count as being put under a curse.
(Harry Potter)