REVIEW: Dr Who 8×01 “Deep Breath”


In the first of an ongoing series Mark Berryman will be bringing his thoughts on the newest series of Dr Who and more importantly on the new Doctor himself.

Despite losing my favourite Doctor on Christmas day, I’ve been very excited for the start of series 8 of Doctor Who.

Having got used to the thought of Peter Capaldi in the role, I’ve been wondering exactly what he would bring to it. It’s no secret that he’s a huge fan, so I had the feeling he would be bringing his “A” game. That it turns out, is exactly what he did.

“Deep Breath” hits the ground running, starting shortly after “The Time of the Doctor“. The early addition of the Paternoster Gang, to help unsure fans ease into the episode, I think was an inspired choice for the episode. Helping to give people something familiar as we try to get used to this very unfamiliar face.

The Doctor finds much of the episode, as with any first new episode for a Doctor, finding out who he is. Capaldi (except for the tree moment, which was one of the bits I didn’t like) has done away with the more slapstick elements we’ve had over recent years. There is still a long way to go before he defines who his Doctor is but he showed us glimpses of what is in store; a darker side to the Doctor, much darker than we’ve seen since the show started again in 2005. Did he push the villain at the end or did he jump? My money is definitely on push! Capaldi for me has shown an instant chemistry with Jenna Coleman. This was one of the things I wondered about. Smith and Coleman were fantastic on screen together, it seems these two will be as well.

I’ve read a lot of posts complaining about how Clara handled the regeneration. I don’t think that it was that she didn’t understand what had happened, I think there was a lot of grief there for her. She’d just lost her best friend and was finding it hard to come to terms with this new face. I thought Coleman’s acting was fantastic, especially in the scene with Madame Vastra who purposefully pushed her to the snapping point to get her point across. The addition of Matt Smith at the end, I felt was a nice touch, although I thought it was for the fans more than Clara, the ones like me, who at one point had found it hard to come to terms with anyone new taking over. He’s still the Doctor, he’s still OUR Doctor, no matter what he looks like now. I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Matt Smith, he has already said he’s not finished with the role. I look forward to seeing the Raggedy Man again. But for now I’m excited to see what is to come from Peter Capaldi.

Asking more questions, as it should, “Deep Breath” was a fantastic opening episode. I hope the rest of the series can continue in this way.

One question, who was the woman at the end? My thoughts are that it is Rani and the “heaven” we saw was her TARDIS. Thoughts?

One final thing, the new opening credits? What were they thinking??!! hahaha


One thought on “REVIEW: Dr Who 8×01 “Deep Breath””

  1. Lovely post! Did Matt Smith really say he’s not done with the role? I do hope he comes back because he’s my Doctor too! Though I love being totally spoiler-free, because his cameo was a total shock and made me bawl. Our house is very partial to Ten so I’ve kinda felt alone in my grief.

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