Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.03 “Sigh of the Tiger”

Animal Spirits Unleashed


Casey has doubts about whether he is capable of being a Power Ranger especially in light of how good Lily and Theo are. He therefore begs RJ to train him harder than ever before but is frustrated by the tasks he gets set that seem totally mundane. Meanwhile Dai Shi unleashes the Buffalord to defeat the Power Rangers.

This whole episode is something of an homage to the Karate Kid film series which for older guys like me evokes that old feeling of nostalgia that seems to get more important with each passing year. From the pilot episode we knew Casey was not as well trained as Lily and Theo and I am glad they didn’t just use the TV magic trick of now he is a Power Ranger he is awesome. One advantage of being familiar with the Karate Kid movies is that when you see all the things…

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.01 & 02 “Welcome to the Jungle”

Animal Spirits Unleashed

Welcome to the Jungle


Theo, Lily, and rookie Casey, members of the secretive kung fu academy Pai Zhuq (Order of the Claw), are chosen to become the latest guardians of the ancient imprisoned spirit, Dai Shi. However, Jarrod, who was rejected from becoming a chosen guardian for his arrogance, accidentally unleashes Dai Shi before fleeing. When Dai Shi destroys Master Mao’s physical form, the trio head to Ocean Bluff, seeking their new Master only to find he is actually the seemingly inept owner of the Jungle Karma Pizza parlour, RJ. When Dai Shi attacks, Casey finds himself struggling to find his Tiger spirit. Jarrod turns evil.

Traditionally, Power Ranger pilots are very weak. The very first episode for example was a glossed over script that ran extremely quickly just to introduce the characters and most series’ that followed did the same. Jungle Fury benefits from having a two-part opening however and this really…

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MMPR S.01 E.01 “Day of the Dumpster”

Animal Spirits Unleashed



Two astronauts come across a space dumpster and when they open it, the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa and her minions Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Finster emerge from a 10,000-year captivity. Rita decides to conquer the nearest planet, Earth, and rebuilds her palace on the moon. In the city of Angel Grove five teenagers – Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly – are teleported to the Command Center of Zordon who explains who Rita is and declares them as the first Power Rangers to fight evil and defend the Earth.

I can barely remember seeing this episode for the first time way back in 1993 but watching it again I quickly realized that the whole thing is pretty much retold at the beginning of every episode in the intro. And that’s all this episode really is; one long intro section. Little bit of trivia; this was not the first pilot episode…

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