QUOTE: How did the war start?

I posted this on my military site first as I felt it has more relevance there as it is Remembrance Day.

Defence of the Realm


In the UK we have a saying; It’s like Marmite. What this saying translates in to is that you either love or hate something with no middle ground. One British television show that sums up this saying is the 1980s vintage Blackadder. Through four seasons we saw a member of the Blackadder family, faithfully supported by a member of the hapless Baldrick family, plot and scheme throughout British history. The show barely survived its first season but nevertheless developed a small and loyal fan base. The show was often controversial, not just for the vulgarity of its jokes and characters, but for the way it viewed British history often poking fun at respected historical figures.

The last season of the show is largely considered to be the best. Set in the trenches of World War I it showed the absurdity of the conflict and how Victorian ideals that…

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