ARTICLE: Reflecting on Ghostbusters as a fan

As the Order of Trinity continues its Ghostbusters themed weekend to celebrate the 30th anniversary Mark Berryman looks back at how he came to the franchise and how it has stayed with him all these years.


As this weekend is the 30th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters it’s got me thinking about where my love for it started and how it has progressed.

I have never told anyone what I am about to share, simply because it’s rather embarrassing! When I was a young child every now and again in the village hall they used to show movies for kids on a big screen. I remember when it was Ghostbusters I had been looking forward to it. However, this was not where my love for the film started. For the first few minutes it was great, then the immortal line “GET HER!” was shouted, the Library ghost turned, I SCREAMED, started to cry and was promptly taken home.

A couple of years later I managed to convince my mum to let me get it from the video shop, I watched it, this time without crying and I loved it. I was still wary of the Library Ghost, but the rest, I loved every second of it.


When the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters started I was addicted from the start. I remember going to the village shop and there was one copy of the first issue of the comic that went along with the series. Another kid was eyeing it up, he asked his mother if he could have it, she said no and I pounced, grabbed it and spent some of my pocket money on it. My mum then put in an order for it and every week another issue was always there, just for me. I can remember my favourite part of it was “Egon’s Spirit Guide”. I loved reading about all the different types of ghost. The one thing that always puzzled me about the cartoon was where was Dana? I can remember that she was mentioned once in the comic, when Peter said he was going out to dinner with her, but after, nothing else. I’m still puzzled to this day about why they left her and initially Louis Tulley out (although he did make an appearance later on).

When Christmas rolled around that year I remember my brother and I asked for Ghostbusters toys. I received Peter and Ray, my brother Egon and Winston. As birthdays and other Christmases passed between us we had the fire station, Ecto 1 and 2, proton packs, traps, PKE meters, we both loved it so much.

Now I know lots of people don’t think much of Ghostbusters 2, me I loved and still do love it. I think it still has all the fun and excitement of the first film. I bought the novel of the film before it was released. I can still remember that Ecto 2 was briefly in it, although I’m still kind of disappointed that it didn’t make it into the film. I always loved that bike/helicopter. I have both of the movies on DVD, they were two of the first films I bought and I still love them as much as I ever did. I still chuckle at “GET HER” for reasons until now, no one else remembered!


I’m glad we’re finally getting a Ghostbusters 3 but I am sad there will be no Egon Spengler. I think it will always have a piece missing. Harold Ramis is an actor I will always miss. He’s always been there since I was a child in one film or another. I think tomorrow will be another day when his loss will be felt by geeks and fans of film all over the world. I look forward with slight trepidation as to who will be cast in the movie. I wonder if gold can be struck twice. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver cast a very long shadow, can any ensemble come close? I know who I’d cast, but will it come close? Regardless I’ll be buying my large sweet popcorn and sitting down in the cinema to watch it.


Ghostbusters holds a special place in the hearts of all three members of the Order of Trinity. For the last year we’ve wanted to have a synchronized viewing of the film, me in England, Tony in Wales and Wes in America, but something always seems to stop us. Hopefully soon we’ll get to do it.

So this weekend join us in celebrating a movie that is still as good as it has ever been. Join us in celebrating the talent that is Harold Ramis. If you’ve never seen it give it a first viewing, if you’re like us give it the tenth, twentieth or even hundredth viewing it deserves. I still wish Ghostbuster was a viable career choice! I know the three of us would be busting ghosts together and loving every second of it!



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