REVIEW: Through Violet Eyes

Mark Berryman reviews “Through Violet Eyes”


I thought about what to write for my second blog. I had a few ideas but then I decided to write about my favourite series of books, The Violet series by author Stephen Woodworth.

I first became aware of these books when my wife’s aunty gave her the second book “With Red Hands” she said it was utterly brilliant. Upon finding out it was the second book in the series, my wife went online and ordered the others. I’ve always enjoyed reading books, but my wife reads all the time. I had been looking for something to read, something that I would really enjoy; I’m quite picky when it comes to books. Claire (the wife) said to me that I had to read this series. She said it was right up my street and she guaranteed I would love them. All I can say is, she wasn’t wrong.

The series is set present day, but with one massive difference. Every generation there are a handful of people who are born with violet coloured eyes. These people are conduits for the souls of people who have died. When they have been trained, a violet can let a soul into them for various reasons. The main character of the series, Natalie Lindstrom, uses her gifts to help catch killers. The first time we meet Natalie is at a murder trial, she lets the soul of the murdered person inhabit her in order to give evidence against their killer.

When violets are being murdered by the “faceless man” Natalie is partnered with FBI agent Dan Atwater, a man with a troubled past that still haunts him. Dan goes out of his way to make sure he never makes skin contact with Natalie (violets can be contacted by dead people from a persons past if she touches them. They become a “touch stone” for them to come through). As the book progresses and with help from violets who have been murdered, Natalie and Dan’s relationship grows as they search for the killer.

As the books progress we learn more about Natalie’s life and the past she has that she would rather forget. They are excellently written. Woodworth paints a vivid picture of what is happening that is easy to picture in the mind. I couldn’t help but picture Eliza Dushku and Jeremy Renner as the two lead characters as I was reading.

When I worked for Waterstones I made it my mission to get as many people as possible to buy these gems. Not enough people have read them and they do deserve to be read by as many people as possible. I’ve read and re-read them on a number of occasions since and I love them just as much as the first time I read them.

I’ve since become “facebook friends” with the author himself who seems to genuinely be a very nice guy. I’ve told him that I hope one day he goes back to this universe he has created and write more.

I’ve purposely not said too much about the story as I’d hate to give away any spoilers. So do yourself a huge favour, go to your nearest Waterstones, or whichever book shop you have near you and get a copy of these books. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


One thought on “REVIEW: Through Violet Eyes”

  1. I have to concur. The violet series is a fantastic set of books!! I’ve recommended them to a fair few people myself, and everyone who’s read them has loved them. Defo worth a look if you have a hole in the ‘to read pile’

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