COUNTDOWN: Top 5 Star Trek Parody Songs

Tony Wilkins counts down his top 5 Star Trek themed songs.

Star Trek was one of the pioneering shows that not only gave us something fresh, interesting and exciting but also sparked the creativity of fans the world over many of whom put that creativity into honoring the show. Here are my favorite songs based on Star Trek. Please note; some of these artists have done more than one great Star Trek song but in the interest of variety I have only selected one from their collections. So here we go.

5. Meekakitty – Star Trek Girl


Ok, so this is very much a pop song in it’s style but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is filled with Trek-based lyrics. It is a cheesy love song but it is ludicrously catchy and you will have it in your head for hours. It’s sung by Tessa Violet (more commonly known as Meekakitty) who has done numerous music videos based on sci-fi or fantasy themes. I label this song under the topic of “guilty pleasure” because it really is. I do not apologize for it. Check it out.

Meekakitty – Star Trek Girl

4. Five Year Mission – The Cage

Now these guys take fandom to a whole new level. They are an indie rock band who have written songs about nearly every single episode of the original series of Star Trek including the unaired pilot “The Cage”. This is the one I have chosen from their collection because I love the episode and this song really captures the tone. The chorus is especially catchy being about Captain Pike being the hero rather than Kirk.

Five Year Mission – The Cage

3. Warp II – Ballad of Bones I/II

In my own experience the best fans are the ones who can have fun with their favorite show. Warp 11 are just those kinds of fans. Their lyrics are a bit more blue than the usual Trek themed music so expect to find the black and white Parental Warning Explicit Lyrics label on their cd cases but don’t be fooled; these guys are talented. While most of their songs are a lot of fun to listen to every so often they come out with something that will break your heart and that’s why I have chosen the Ballad of Bones II for the link below because it was a tribute to DeForest Kelly. I highly recommended checking these guys out.

Warp 11 – Ballad of Bones II

 2. Key of Awesome – Star Trek Slow Jam


What would a Vulcan love song sound like? Probably something like this from the kings of parody, the Key of Awesome crew. This song has me in stitches of laughter every time I hear it. The lyrics have been carefully constructed to be as Vulcan-esque as possible and are delivered flawlessly against the background tune of a stylized version of the theme for the new movies. Just as brilliant is the quality of the video that accompanies it. Have a look. I am sure you will agree.

Key of Awesome – Star Trek Slow Jam

1. The Firm – Star Trekkin’


Love it or hate it – this is still considered the Star Trek parody song and that’s why I give it the number one spot. It captures the pop culture of everything to do with Star Trek including McCoy’s “Dead Jim” and Scotty’s “You cannot change the laws of physics!” YES it does poke fun at the show but let’s be honest every trekkie has done that at some point. Think of this as Galaxy Quest The Musical.

The Firm – Star Trekkin’

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