Some more shameless publicity…Tony’s Domain

My own personal blog where I share my thoughts, views, fiction and art with anyone who wants to give me five minutes

Defence of the Realm


Hello everyone

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my own personal blog. It’s called Tony’s Domain and I have described it as

A collection of fiction, art & musings by Tony Wilkins

As long time followers of Defence of the Realm will know I try to be as objective as I can about everything I write about as I believe there is little place for opinion in history because opinion has a way of clouding things over. This new blog however is just unadulterated Me and will basically be me writing exactly how I feel about things from the economy, defence and society right down to why my wife finds TheJeremy Kyle Show so fascinating when I view it as a cultural oddity.

But wait there’s more…

I have always been a creative person and enjoy writing stories and making digital art primarily regarding…

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