About Us

We are three friends united in our fandom of all things sci-fi and fantasy. The three of us met whilst writing fan fiction for the reboot of Battlestar Galactica on FanFiction.net. Tony and Wes were soon collaborating on a series of stories and before long Mark became involved and we haven’t looked back since. The three of us have spent hours talking about our favorite shows/movies/games and after a while we decided to share our 2 cents with the rest of the world by forming this blog.

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Meet the Authors…

Hi my name is Tony and I’m a lifelong Trekkie and Ghostbusters nut. I enjoy various sci-fi and am big in to my anime especially the mecha based stuff like Macross and Ghost in the Shell. I also like a lot of my old cartoons from the 1980s and 1990s – ahhhh those were the days.


Hello, I’m Mark and I am proud to be a geek. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, Whedonite and Whovian. I love TV, my favourite shows being Supernatural, The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory amongst others. I’m also an advocate of getting as many people as possible to read books and keeping the written word alive and off ebooks!


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