Power Rangers Jungle Fury E.0 “Can’t Win Them All”

Animal Spirits Unleashed

Power Rangers Can't win them all

Theo has been the best and fastest learner at everything. His confidence is smashed when he is made a fool in a battle against Gakko. Theo gives up and doesn’t see the point in anything. Casey and Lily try to protect the city from the mischievous Gakko as RJ trains Theo. The battle worsens for Casey and Lily. In order to save his friends, Theo must regain his confidence.

This episode is effectively a character study of Theo and straight away we learn that he pretty much excels at everything he does be it making and serving pizza or in combat. The opening has him toying with Lily and Casey before he quite easily takes them both down proving that while Casey is the Red Ranger in this series it is Theo that is the better combatant. We didn’t really need to see this again as Sigh of the Tiger

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