Tony & Paul’s 90’s Kids Show Intro Challenge

My brother-in-law Paul bet me I couldn’t name at least 3 of 5 of the TV shows we watched as kids just from the music in the intro. I set out to prove him wrong. No.2 is a British show so don’t be surprised if you aren’t from the UK and don’t recognise it.

PLEASE EXCUSE the clip that displays alcohol. I assure you we were sober when coming up with the idea and making this video…Honest…


7 thoughts on “Tony & Paul’s 90’s Kids Show Intro Challenge”

    1. God I love all those shows. My brother-in-law is younger than me hence the 90s theme. We were just having a bit of fun at our place and we ended up making a video. He did do his own but then chickened out and wouldn’t let me put the footage on YouTube

      1. Well me and him were talking about starting our own dedicated channel where each episode we would do a 99p challenge. Basically the idea we discussed was we would go and buy two of something from a 99p or £1 shop and make a challenge around it. We already have our first one. Its a meccano-type car you have to build and the challenge will be who can build it the fastest. Naturally we will have to speed up the video. Trouble is he lives 65 miles away so we don’t see each other every day

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