Did You See Wayne Brady’s “Klingon” Rap?

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Wayne Brady who was filling in as a guest host on CBS’s The Late Late Show introduced William Shatner aka Captain Kirk in a very unique way.

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4 thoughts on “Did You See Wayne Brady’s “Klingon” Rap?”

    1. Haha, I started it because my 4 year old has discovered Power Rangers on Netflix and I have been enjoying watching them with her again. Thats why I am not doing any of them in order because its whatever she wants to watch today.

      1. sounds good. It was Netflix that introduced my son to them as well. Now he has the films, toys, costumes, back pack, cd… The list goes on!!

      2. We usually have a few episodes before bedtime. I bought her a few of the toys but she doesn’t bother too much with them. She does enjoy me reading the books at night but that could be because my boring voice helps her go to sleep. Its why I write instead of present on YouTube 😀

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