Counting Down To Halloween With The Simpsons #1

The Simpsons Halloween Specials have become as much a part of Halloween as trick-or-treating. Ever since that first Treehouse of Horror episode way back in 1990 we have been thrilled by the one episode every season where all the rules are thrown out of the window and anything goes as The Simpsons pay homage to classic horror movies and TV series such as The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and Alfred Hitchcock Presents…

To celebrate this tradition we are going to be posting quotes, reviews, trivia and pictures as we await the arrival of All Hallow’s Eve. Dust off the fake fangs, unscrew the bottle of fake blood because here at the Order of Trinity we’re counting down to Halloween with The Simpsons.

#1 Hungry are the Damned


Hungry are the Damned is the second segment of the very first Treehouse of Horror. In a parody of The Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man, The Simpsons are having a barbecue when an alien ship suddenly appears and uses a tractor beam to bring them up (Homer requires an extra beam to lift him). There we are introduced to the aliens Kang and his sister Kodos (with a very male voice that sounds strikingly similar to Homer) who seem determined to feed The Simpsons up causing Lisa to suspect the aliens intend to eat them. When they find out about this the aliens are horrified and return them to Earth, offended. Of course being Bart’s story it’s all Lisa’s fault.

This is not my favourite Treehouse of Horror segment but it is memorable mostly for the fact that this is the first time we are introduced to Kang and his sister Kodos who would go on to feature in every Treehouse of Horror afterwards along with their creepy theme. Usually they appear in a cameo but they did get bigger parts in some of the later stories including the Jerry Springer Show segment where Kang reveals he is Maggie’s father.

Despite being so well loved the writers of the episodes admit that some of their smaller appearances were last minute additions when someone on the production staff realized nobody had put them in. This is because unlike a normal episode where one or two writers deal with the whole story the Halloween episodes are composed of three segments each written by different people and as such it proved easy to overlook them as the writers concentrated on their own stories.

Kang and Kodos; we at the Order of Trinity salute you…you loveable Quantum Presbytarians.


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