Defence of the Realm Halloween Special Article Request

A second blog i manage involves running articles on British military history. To celebrate Halloween I am trying to comprise a list of true ghostly encounters that have a military theme. Although its a British themed site I would be interested in hearing stories from all over the world.

Defence of the Realm


Hello everyone.

Now I am an absolute sucker for a good ghost story and with Halloween fast approaching I thought I would combine my passion for writing about British military history and technology with my love of a good spooky tale.


What I would like is for people to share either their own stories/experiences or ones they have heard that have a military theme. I will give you an example by sharing my own story;

When I was 17 years old I was with the RAF’s Air Training Corps and was undertaking a gliding scholarship at Swansea airport with 636 Volunteer Gliding School. One day in the middle of the week long course we broke for lunch and sat around munching on standard issue soggy sandwiches and drinking 5p cartons of orange juice.

During the course of the conversation one of my…

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