Oh R2!!!


Ever wondered just what the hell R2D2 is beeping at C3PO? Well in early drafts of the script, R2D2 could actually speak English but more than that he had a rather foul vocabulary. That’s right. We always knew he was a cheeky little droid but we never had an idea of just how cheeky.

Ultimately the ability to speak English (or Bad English as the case may be) was deleted in later rewrites. It was felt that if they had a foul mouthed little robot on the screen the movie would lose its family appeal that the movie was aiming for. But while R2D2’s English speech was removed many of C3PO’s reactions to what he would have said were left in implying that R2D2 is probably doing to C3P0 what we are all thinking and that is telling him to “Shut the **** up!”


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