The Mark III/Master System

A fascinating account of the rise of one of my favourite consoles of all time; Sega’s Master System. I have been following the “Sega Does” boys since they began their quest to play all things Sega starting with the SG-1000 and I would recommend Sega fans and retrorgamers in general give them a go.

Sega Does



               Sega: “Let’s try this console thing one more time!”


Sega Master System Box

                                          America: “What’s a Sega?”


RELEASED: 10/20/85 (JP); as the Master System – 10/86 (US), 8/87 (UK), 10/18/87 (JP), 09/04/89 (BR)

PRICE:15,000 yen (Mark III – JP), $150/200 (US), 99.95 pounds (UK), 16,800 yen (JP), $1,500 (BR – not a typo)

TECH SPECS:Z-80 8-bit processor running at 3.58 Mhz, 8Kb of RAM, 16kb of VRAM.

Video processor: TI-TMS9918 capable of 32 simultaneous colors.

Sound processor: TI-SN76489 capable of 4-channel mono sound

(FM sound unit in Master System models is a Yamaha YM-2413 capable of 9-channel stereo sound)

# OF GAMES:approx. 318 games, though there are likely many more

UPDATES:Official – Master System II (1990)

# OF UNITS SOLD:10-13 million between 1985-1993 (does not include Brazil figures past 1993)


There’s a reason the SG-1000 is a footnote…

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