I’m sorry Stanley…I can’t let you do that.


Stanley Kubrick is without a doubt one of the best directors of all time. His unique style pours out of his movies and without a doubt this is most evident in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. This sci-fi masterpiece has been described as being less of a movie and more of an experience. That’s pretty damn impressive by anyone’s standards.

A little known fact about the movie and something that perhaps sheds a little light on Kubrick’s psyche is that during its filming he was sufficiently worried that contact with extra terrestrial life would occur before the end of filming that he actually tried to take out an insurance policy against it. He approached the respected Lloyd’s of London with the unusual request to recover any financial losses he would incur should that happen but either they didn’t take him seriously or they too believed contact was close at hand because they refused him. 

It’s difficult to know if Kubrick was serious or whether it was part of some marketing scheme that Lloyd’s refused to participate in. Either way the movie was finished and released without the visitor’s arrival becoming a cult sci-fi movie the likes of which has never been seen before or since.


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