QUOTES; The Tick (Live Action) – “The Terror”


SYNOPSIS; One year after The Tick arrived in The City his three partners in crimefighting meet up on the rooftop with a cake to surprise the big blue guy. Enjoying a drink and a bit of cake the four of them recount the events immediately after the pilot episode and in the aftermath of Apocalypse Cow’s attack specifically how Arthur knew he wanted to be asuperhero with Tick and the others while Captain Liberty reveals she didn’t immediately take to Tick. To prove it she challenges him to face the most feared villain in history – The Terror (played beautifully by Armin Shimmerman).

5. Arthur is broken! Gimme two hundred cc’s of tender loving care, stat!
– The Tick as Arthur is wheeled in to hospital after facing Apocalypse Cow.

4. Good Lord, man, retain that anus! One day its fruit may be the only thing that stands between us and total oblivion!
The Tick after Arthur admits he wishes he wasn’t so anal retentive.

3. Vending machine coffee…It has come to this.
– Batmanuel at the hospital before being gassed by The Terror

2. Look at me; I need a machine to poop but that’s not going to stop me. I’m going to get right back out there. Granted this machine will be a bit of a burden.
– Metcalfe in the superhero ward of the hospital

1. Bah, I’ll fold you in to my wallet and spend you on a whore
– The Terror threatening the Tick and Arthur


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