NEWS: Personalized Starfleet Diplomas

Think your CV or Resume could use some spicing up? Then how about a diploma from Starfleet Academy?

Image are now offering a Starfleet Diploma complete with your name on the front. If that’s not impressive enough then you can also boast having Captain Hikaru Sulu, Commandant, Starfleet Academy, and Captain Richard Hahn, Superintendent, Starfleet Academy as signatories. It’s price is $35.00 (£21.00) plus postage costs.

Of course I am not really suggesting you order this and start putting it on your credentials but this would make a decent gift for a Trekkie or even if you think you deserve it yourself. It does look of a high standard and would make an excellent addition to a collection of Trek-related merchandise.

Click here to go to the page to order your Starfleet Diploma


2 thoughts on “NEWS: Personalized Starfleet Diplomas”

  1. As a novelty gift something like this would be fun hanging on the wall of your movie and or family-room, assuming your wife (if your married) actually lets you hang it up. Very cool though.

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