NEWS: Remake of classic Nintendo console costs as much as XBox One

ImageNostalgia is one of things that understandably gets more important as you get older. It seems like there is a point in your life where you start looking at things now and think Ah yes but it wasn’t as much fun as…

Let’s take video gaming for instance. I have an XBox 360 and several of the standard issue titles such as Halo. Don’t get me wrong here I have a lot of fun playing these games but maybe because I’m older now I think to myself that these don’t grip me like playing some of my old Sega Mega Drive games. This has lead to me rediscovering vintage games thanks to an old console I got from a relative’s attic and the use of online emulators.

Now however a company called Analogue Interactive is releasing a new machine designed to play original NES and Famicom games. The console itself looks stunning being made out of a single block of aluminum gives it a high quality finish you wont see on even modern consoles. The console, known as the Analogue Nt, will go on sale in the summer and already there are questions over its legality with Nintendo neither confirming or denying it has authorized Analogue Interactive to make a console for their game cartridges which remain their intellectual property. If you don’t have any NES cartridges then Analogue Nt will have its own bundle packs of games available for sale (if Nintendo doesn’t block this console).

Perhaps the biggest talking point is the price. $500 is shockingly steep for a console playing 1980s games ONLY. There is no online feature (at least not yet although it could be included later) and you can’t do anymore with it than you could the original NES. Incredibly you have to pay an extra $49 for a HDMI link to play the games in 1080p. Analogue Interactive don’t seem worried feeling they have cornered a niche market here but with an abundance of online emulators for these games plus a strong market for vintage games and consoles I cant really see it at that price. A point they seem to have missed as well is that people who are strong enthusiasts for these games demand the original consoles and games and not a modern version thus limiting the market further.

The question really is then; How much will you pay for nostalgia?


One thought on “NEWS: Remake of classic Nintendo console costs as much as XBox One”

  1. Not 500$ I went to the pawn shop and found a NES for 20$ and I only own 5 games for it. The rare ones get emulated.
    And an HDMI cable? I understand the need to connect it to modern tvs, but it wont make the games look better. Also lightguns wont work on modern tvs so some nes games are unplayable.

    Id have thought this was a joke if I didnt know people who actually would buy this.

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