REVIEW: Star Trek The Next Generation “The Pegasus”

Eurylade Reviews

Tony Wilkins reviews the Star Trek The Next Generation episode “The Pegasus”

Admiral Eric Pressman of Starfleet Intelligence arrives aboard the USS Enterprise with a secret mission for Picard and Riker. Pressman and Riker’s former ship, the USS Pegasus, once presumed destroyed has resurfaced and is in danger of falling in to Romulan hands. While the Enterprise searches an asteroid belt (with a Romulan Warbird close by) Picard begins to uncover that there was a mutiny onboard the Pegasus before it was destroyed and that Riker is deliberately hiding facts from him leading to one of their most fiery confrontations of the whole series. Upon discovering the Pegasus the Enterprise-D becomes trapped inside an asteroid after the entrance is closed off by the Romulans. It is then Riker finally reveals the truth; the Pegasus was testing an interphasic cloaking device in violation of a treaty the Federation signed in good…

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